All branding agencies are not created equal. Neither are all brands. Founded seven years ago, Engage Brandcraft was born out of disillusionment with the state of brand development and design in South Africa.

In an industry categorised by high prices and egos, but low on creative excellence and results, our combined mission was to bring world-class business branding solutions to local start-ups, new ventures and small to medium enterprises. Since then we've grown in terms of scope, team and vision. Although we now serve much bigger businesses, at an international level too, our spirit and approach remains unchanged.

Our recipe? A focused team of strategic, creative and digital brandcrafters who work in teams and directly with clients (there are no ‘account managers’ here) to deliver meaningful, forward-thinking and effective brands.

The need for a solid tech-driven response to online design challenges became even more apparent with the advent of the Digital Age and the subsequent increase in the demand for branding agencies with the ability to meet this need. Since then Engage Brandcraft has further grown to meet this need by applying cutting edge digital know-how, strategy and creativity to the online brandscape, helping client brands to reap the rewards.



It’s the Engage yin and yang. The perfect balance. All our work is executed with attention to detail (we’re perfectionists), but through a process that is authentic and enjoyable. It’s because we love our work that it works so well – and other people love it too.

Our high standards sometimes lead to working overtime, but as long as our work environment reflects who we are as people – it often doesn't feel like work at all.


Yes, it’s a buzz-word and everyone’s using it. Despite being totally over-utilised, the term “innovation” remains mostly undefined. This is what innovation means to us:
It’s not about a grand invention. Or about reinventing the wheel. And it’s not even about coming up with something that hasn't been done before.

It’s about drawing inspiration from many different sources and compiling it in a brand new way.