PSD Web Design in the Browser

Designers no longer need Photoshop installed to do some quick web design

Welcome to Adobe’s Project Parfait! A robust but simple web app that allows designers to open up PSDs in the browser. It’s aimed particularly at the web design workflow and getting your site comps into code as quickly as possible.

But don’t get too excited, thinking that you never have to buy Photoshop again. This is an inspection tool that allows you to view the sizes, colours, distances and typefaces of all the objects in a PSD. Perfect for any web design project that needs to go from a static PSD comp to a fully coded site as quickly as possible.

Next time your developer needs to roll out a new page on your site, give them your PSD and a link to this site. They’ll be able to copy and paste values straight into the CSS.

I know there are plugins to allow this kind of functionality in Photoshop already, but this tool means you aren’t tied to a system that has Photoshop installed. Get your web design on with any ol’ computer and internet connection!