A Bold Brand Update for Southwest

Brand with a bit of heart.

Or a lot of heart, in the case of Southwest Airlines, which now has a large, colourful heart as their primary logomark. This brand has been one of the more successful and more welcomed airline rebrands (or brand updates) in a while it seems. It doesn’t hurt that Southwest is already a relatively well regarded airline in the USA.

Southwest Brand

The design of the new logo and plane livery is very strong. Using simple, clean lines and swathes of bright, harmonious colours, the overall look is very distinguished. The heart shape is very geometric, but it’s far from being cold and machine-like as the lines have a wonderful varying thickness that gives it a playful, human touch. It also manages to stay recognisable as the Southwest brand, which is very important if your customers already like you and are familiar with your brand/logo.

Southwest Brand

It’s simple. It’s clean. It’s unique (for airlines) and it’s clear what they are all about (or what they say they are about at least).

Take a look at more of their airplane photos here.