Our Work: Doorway IT

Doorway IT offers customised IT services to businesses all over the world, with operations in both Norway and South Africa. Their focus is on implementing cost-effective and innovative solutions to help businesses become more competitive and more efficient in their day-to-day and overall running.

Doorway approached the Engage team in need of a subtle brand refresh, as well as new website design and development for their Norwegian division. The goal was to take this already well-established brand in a slightly more modern and slick direction, while at the same time moving away from a ‘mainstream IT’ look.


For Senior Designer Dijon Jones, the key to this brand refresh was to make Doorway standout among competitors in the IT space, by emphasising the personable and approachable nature of the brand and its 24/7/365 support centre. “We introduced a warm yellow to complement the existing blue used in the logo, and, most importantly, we gave the brand the backbone it needed in the form of a brand guide,” says Dijon. The guide stipulates the use and placement of the logo, fonts, colours and imagery associated with the brand, ensuring that the refreshed look and feel is consistently carried out going forward.


While the new website needed a clean and modern feel to it, keeping in line with the brand refresh, it ultimately needed to be simple and easy to use above all else. The layout and functionality of the site ensures a sleek user experience, while super quick loading times make browsing a breeze. The site is packed full of nifty HTML5 features and is fully responsive. “We’re really proud of the end result,” says Developer Dylan Jones. “We created multiple custom templates for different pages, meaning they can be used again in future, and as the site was built on a custom theme, there’s no other site like it! It really stands out among competitors,” he says.

Here’s what Doorway had to say about working with the Engage team:

As a well-established Norwegian company in the IT industry, Doorway approached Engage with the tricky task of revamping traditional marketing material. Engage were extremely creative, remarkably quick with change requests and have an eye for all things branded. Engage have successfully transformed our brand while cleverly preserving our traditional Doorway personality. We now have an online presence and corporate identity that we are proud of. It has been an absolute pleasure working with the dynamic and energetic team at Engage, they come highly recommended!” – Geir Tellefsen, Country Manager at Doorway.