Project Brief

Our long-standing client The Constell Group, service provider to the diamond industry, briefed us to create a video to showcase the technical processes at their factories in Mumbai, Bhopal, Visakhapatnam and Gaborone.

The Constell Group is a global company that operates in India and Botswana with a total of 4000 employees. Despite its large workforce, the company’s key asset is its staff. Through innovative methods such as group meditation breaks and a holistic approach to business, Constell ensures its employees are nurtured and equipped to deliver excellent service and products.

The Result

With a packed 10-day schedule that included 7 days of shooting and 13 flights a team of 5 took an exciting brief and created something truly memorable.

The team included Bruce Muller, Ian Badenhorst and Ashton van der Weijde representing Engage Brandcraft, joined by script-writer Sonia Mackwani from Mumbai and photographer Or Kaplan from Tel Aviv.   

The result was an inspiring video that showcased a combination of niche technical abilities and interviews with key personnel, which revealed the personal approach of management towards staff, as well as the positive impact the company has had on the lives of its employees.

“We started with Engage on one project and soon it became the beginning of a wonderful partnership. The team was so very professional and were so accurate in the way they were able to bring our vision to life, it was just a pleasure to work with them.”

– Shai Boukris Avrutzky

Film & Photography Crew from left: Or Kaplan, Ashton van der Weijde, Ian Badenhorst, Sonia Mackwani and Bruce Muller.