Project Brief

The DNAFit team approached Engage to help strategically position their brand within the market, as well as create a fresh interpretation of genes and their unique impact on each individual, when designing the corporate identity, website, and necessary brand collateral. They wanted to create a reliable, unique and credible brand that would spark an interest within the sports market.

Director Ian Nel says, “We had to take an existing technology, assist in turning it into a saleable product, and give it an international, eye-catching and dynamic feel. The brand needed to cater to an end-user that has an interest in enhancing their health without wasting time learning about what does not work!”

The Result

Our response, from a design angle, was a subtle and futuristic take on the otherwise overused DNA strand. The idea was to symbolise the highly advanced and specialised nature of the product and the practical everyday application of its results. Much like the product itself, the logo needed to be accessible and flexible whilst conveying a sense of aspiration. Once the logo had taken shape, we used variations of the advanced helix form across a full set of collateral including business cards, letterheads, reports and point of sale collateral.

Ian, Director at Engage, describes how the team created the logo; “We chose a colour palette for each individual product and pulled through that colour into the respective products’ collateral. We also manipulated key elements within the main logo to represent an individual variation of the logo for each product.”


We chose this font for its clean structure and condensed layout. The rounded edge of the font was used to juxtapose the sharp geometric brand icon.