Project Brief

Liam Mooney’s prestigious Cape Town studio had been providing commercial and industrial interior design, as well as bespoke product design services, for almost a decade when the time came for a new logo.

The Result

The studio was in need of an updated look to better portray the brand’s creative, unique and out-of-the-box approach to interiors.

The result was a simple, timeless logo based on a serif typeface, with subtly manipulated letters to show the concept of using existing space – something that tied in directly with the studio’s creative way of working. The logo was also able to stand alone, without relying on a logo device to work across various platforms, which was something that the client specifically requested and coincided with his approach to design: A kind of design that grows and evolves with you and does not need to be changed every couple of years. An intelligent design that reflects who you are and not the trends of the day. And lastly, design that is well made, by artisans who love their crafts and have perfected them over many years.”


A base font was chosen for its contemporary feel, with the old serif style allowing for a dramatic contrast in character stroke weight.