Project Brief

orderTalk is a US-based software provider, serving the global marketplace. The company is a leader in innovative digital ordering solutions for restaurants. The Engage team was tasked with modernising the existing brand and creating a standout website to help cement orderTalk as the industry-leaders that they are.

The Result

Senior Designer Brent Nygaard was inspired to create a playful new logo, incorporating a place-setting and speech bubble for a distinctly modern, app-like feel. Collateral roll-out included postcards, envelopes, business cards, flyers and letterheads.

The orderTalk website needed to portray the quick and easy-to-use aspect of the brand, which for Senior Designer Dijon Jones, meant partitioning the existing offerings into clear-cut sections that are easy-to-navigate and understand from a user perspective. He also introduced more colour and larger images to push the design toward a more modern and user-friendly experience.

When it came to website development, Developer Dylan Jones created a fully responsive website based on Dijon’s design, for a feature-rich experience. While it’s always a challenge refreshing an existing brand, the team had a blast working on this project, which was very well-received by the client, resulting in a record completion time.

orderTalk had a style and colour scheme that were becoming a bit dated. We were briefed to modernise the brand using new colours and typefaces.

We went with a sophisticated typeface, making sure that the brand didn’t come across as childish. The bright blue gradient we chose conveys a sense of elevation and freshness, while the typeface is approachable with playful terminals and some rounded corners. Finally, we created the icon with thick line work and clear silhouettes, which enable it to work as a small app icon as well as a symbol for what orderTalk does.