Project Brief

With the classic gin and tonic (G&T) undergoing a worldwide renaissance, the trend has seen the development of flavoured craft gins and special cocktails.

Tastelab, who develop, manufacture and distribute innovative food products, saw this global drink trend and briefed Engage to come up with a brand name, logo and packaging design for their new product: a blend of specially selected dried fruit and spices, used to naturally infuse a drink.

The Result

The team at Engage established the name Secco for Tastelab’s new product, and Senior Designer Dijon Jones created the logo, product labels, as well as the clean, contemporary packaging for the new brand.

“This project was really awesome to work on, as the direction the client wanted to go in was very aligned with my preferred personal style of design. We were also able to have a photoshoot while developing the product, which made the end result incredibly slick. All in all, it was super exciting to support a local business and friend, and I still use the product today!”, says Dijon.



The font for Secco’s logo was chosen for its clean and bold appearance. It kerned out beautifully and came with a huge range of weights, which was needed throughout the collateral items.