Project Brief

Since its inception, Swindon Property has evolved into the leading commercial and industrial brokerage organisation throughout South Africa. They offer commercial, retail and industrial sales and letting, professional valuations, architectural services, as well as advisory services.

Engage was briefed to refresh and modernise the entire Swindon brand, while still keeping it recognisable and familiar to their client base and target audience. Their logo was in need of an update, to help take the whole brand in a bolder, refreshed direction.

The Result

We started the process with the logo, then went on to determine the typography and colour for the rest of the brand roll-out.

After developing and fleshing out the brand as a whole, we created a comprehensive brand guide, setting out the visual do’s and don’ts of their refreshed brand. This included setting up a detailed and versatile type guide, setting out logo usage instructions, as well as specifying what kind of imagery would complement the brand. We also assisted with a few of the first bits of collateral, to give them an idea of what the new brand would look like in practice. This included “For Sale” / “For Rent” signage and a corporate brochure.

“It was a good challenge to develop such a comprehensive brand, translate it into a usable brand guide, put those systems into practice right away, and then seeing it all come together so well. Swindon is one of our most visible rebrand projects and it’s fun to see our work around the city”, says Designer Brent Nygaard.


We chose this font for its unique look – it’s bold and really stands out from the competition! The font has some great subtle differences from your average sans serif font, which really helped us break away and present this brand as a unique player in its field.